The marketing of consumer products is vastly different to that of consumer products with their mass appeal. Brochures, strategic advertising and personal selling are generally more appropriate than mass advertising campaigns. Market research is still very important and the correct balance of the marketing mix is paramount in optimizing sales performance.

We have been responsible for marketing campaigns in the construction industry, oil industry, mining and metals industry, industrial minerals and chemicals, engineering, manufacturing, processing, hotels and leisure and financial services.


The Internet has opened up a fantastic opportunity for the e-marketer with instant access to a market of 600 million people at the touch of a mouse. We have a dedicated team who are concentrating on being the best of breed in this exciting new and fast growing market. Whether it is search engine optimization, integrated ecommerce solutions, Internet auctions or supply chain integration, rest assured that we are in the forefront of all these areas. We together with our alliance partners located in the US can put together any solution reflecting the latest ecommerce thinking.

Strategic Analysis

Every now and then it is important to have a fundamental look at your business and see where it is going. With day-to-day pressures this is not easy and that is where we come in. We will thoroughly research your market areas and evaluate your competitors, suppliers, markets, and customers and then take a much wider look at the environment you are operating in and where it is heading. At the end of this exercise we will come up with recommendations for any changes that we feel are necessary to ensure your companies long-term survival.

Business Plans

At some stage n our week we seem to always be preparing a business plan for one or the other of our clients and these are usually for three or five years duration. In about 50% of these, we go on to produce funding documents, which calculate, estimated ratios for profitability and liquidity and the IRR (internal rate of return) or NPV (net present value) required by potential investors. There is virtually no industry that we have not prepared business plans for and as a consequence we have data on industry norms that we can bring to bear on the situation.

Project Financing

We have experience of preparing project finance documents for capital projects including large mining operations in the UK and Canada, processing operations and other major projects. These are usually non-recourse and rely on the cash flows from the project to finance the variable capital repayments.

We have also been involved in many secured lending projects for the hotels and leisure industry as well as for financing large commercial transport fleets. We are very familiar with raising finance from VCs, VC-Trusts, Pension Funds and Insurance Companies and have been involved in several pre-flotation funding negotiations for the main and secondary markets.

Risk Analysis

Without risk there is no reward but it is a question of degree, we look at your risk profile and suggest an optimum scenario for your business. We use probability distributions, which can be subjective, what-if questioning, scenario analysis, simulations and monte-carlo and latin-hypercube techniques. We examine ways of hedging the risk by insuring against it or just simply accepting it given the probabilities indicated. We try and take an objective quantitative and qualitative approach to ensure that the risks the company faces in this uncertain world are all on the agenda for discussion.

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