We are a closely-knit team of seven experienced consultants with complementary skills. In particular we have experience in the engineering, manufacturing, transport, process, healthcare and leisure industries and cover all the functions of marketing, operations, human resource management and finance. We operate from two locations in the UK.

We passionately believe that we can offer a service to clients that is quite unique for one simple reason: we have actually managed companies at MD and CEO level of every size from SME to Plc. Quite simply, we believe we are more experienced, efficient, more competitive and give better value than anything else available.

Of our group of 7 consultants, all are graduates, one is a Européen Ingénieur, 2 are Chartered Engineers, 4 have PhDs, 3 have MBAs, and 4 have Masters Degrees as well as a whole range of Business and Professional qualifications. However our biggest advantage is in respect of the amount of experience and expertise we have had on the job operating at the sharp end, which is, simply unmatched by any other consulting firm that we have come across.

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