There has been a revolution in the way companies do business in recent years. With over 80 per cent of developed western economies now being in the service industry, companies increasingly adopt a business model that involves a high level of outsourcing.

Rather than carry expensive personal with substantial attendant overhead costs it makes sense to employ experienced, highly qualified specialists to review aspects of business as and when necessary implement any changes. This leaves the management free to carry on with the day-to-day business. Often the outsider sees more of the game-and it can be helpful in implementing change do this through an experienced change agent.

We believe our costs are very reasonable when compared with the benefits we bring and we will be present for only as long as it takes do the job. We tend to be more highly experienced and qualified than in-house people and our peers.

We have built up a relationship of trust and are retained on an annual basis by many clients in several different industries who value our expertise as an important aspect of their business that would simply not be available in-house.

Dr Eur.Ing Peter Mason (Senior Partner)

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  We have over 30 years of experience in the area of industrial and B2B marketing. Our partners are experienced international marketers and we have now embraced and harnessed the power of the Internet and are specialists in the e-market area.

  We completely reassess your business against its objectives and the changing environment. We have developed a root and branch approach with a view to making recommendations to increase your long-term profitability.Services

  Strategic analysis and business planning usually calls for a funding requirement. Non-recourse project financing is a specialist area of expertise and we have developed experience of funding models that bring success for large and small projects alike.

  We have been in the vanguard of this relatively new area, which the Internet has opened up. We specialise in B2B, B2C and C2C markets.

  The preparation of three and five-year business plans with or without a funding requirement is our bread and butter. Call us now to use our expertise. We have a range of techniques and experience of just about every type of industry.

  WThe balancing of probabilities and sophisticated risk analysis is carried out using a range of techniques from simple what-if questions, through scenario-analysis to Monte Carlo simulation techniques using a range of probability distributions.

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